Web Application Penetration Testing

Our statistics: CVSS 8.8+ Critical vulnerabilities in 9/10 web application penetration tests.

Why web security testing?

As the trend toward relying more on increasingly complex application development and enhanced access to data continues, it is vital to control all aspects of protection by lowering the risk profile to the best of its ability.

Web Application security within an enterprise aims to detect, remediate, and resolve security problems in applications.

Why choose us?

Rather than relying solely on automated scanners, we take the time to comprehend and manually test your web applications fully. It will help organisations to detect vulnerabilities and reveal flaws that would otherwise go undetected by conventional methods.

Why your business needs web security testing?

Every business has a web application which is the online identity for that business and this is the most attractive thing for a threat actor to kickstart their malicious actions to harm an organisation.

How does it work?

  1. Completing all the needed documentations.
  2.  Commence security testing while going through our security operations and uncover vulnerabilities.
  3.  Report critical vulnerabilities as soon as identified.
  4. Provide you with a detailed report at the end of the assessment.
  5. Patch verification of all the vulnerabilities we discover.

Get the most out of your security assessment.