Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT): 2021

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT): 2021



In today’s world, every business is having an online presence, or it is connected to the internet. In today’s world, Cybersecurity is a priority, and businesses should not take it for granted.Threat actors are everywhere and they are always on a watch for loopholes and exploit them before anyone else. They are already aware of general and basic vulnerabilities and will find them in seconds. So before they find those vulnerabilities businesses should find them and resolve them to secure their assets!

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing comes into picture!

What is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing aka VAPT is a process that is utilized to identify different sorts of vulnerabilities in an organization or a program. 

VA (Vulnerability Assessment) It is about finding as many vulnerabilities as possible in a target’s defined scope, and , PT (Penetration Testing) is the process of attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities which were discovered in VA. 

A very crucial step before one goes for a VAPT is choosing the right third party vendor because you don’t need to have the reports filled only with Jquery xss and not really the critical Vulnerabilities, But you have landed to the right place this time.

Why do I go for VAPT?
  • Any business who wants to get their assets checked for vulnerabilities and potential exploitations for them should undergo VAPT.
  • Developers cannot look for security vulnerabilities if they are not skilled at that, Businesses need a third party company for that.
  • Any application before production release should go for a VAPT.
  • VAPT reports are helpful in case of a full Threat Hunting.
Why choose Bluefire Redteam?
  • Our process for the entire VAPT cycle is very streamlined and it has various layers to it that we won’t miss a vulnerability.
  • Our associates not only focus only on the red areas but we also cover the areas where most businesses fall vulnerable.
  • Our research oriented team is well capable in hunting that in 9/10 instances we discover >= CVSS 8.5 Vulnerabilities more!
  • As our process is well defined and tested almost in every engagement, We are much cost-effective!
  • We deliver you detailed reports for your developers as well as for any C-level person in your organisation.
  • Our consultants will be there for you anytime for helping you in taking the right further steps.
Why is VAPT important and what are its Pros?
  • Most importantly to keep the data secure.
  • To keep secure the monetary and data while moving it between the networks.
  • It will help you to understand the vulnerabilities which can be the baby step of a major cyberattack.
  • Protects your business from data loss and unauthorised access
  • To discover loopholes inside the framework.
  • To execute an effective security policy in the company.
  • It will help you in shielding your information from outside and inside threats.
  • VAPT reports are crucial for Threat Huntings too!
Cost of a VAPT?

Cost of an engagement depends on various factors as, What all web, apps , network ranges you wanted to get tested for and much more, But getting a VAPT by spending some money is better than spending millions of dollars after a breach!

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SITA Breach: Air India Hack

SITA Breach: Air India Hack


Air india hack

Breaches are not new!, Many companies are potential targets of threat actors and, The same happened with SITA, Which included data breach of many airlines around the globe including Air India, The massive data leak was caused by a “sophisticated cyberattack” on Air India’s passenger service system provider SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) SITA is based out of Geneva in Switzerland.

On march 4, SITA rolled out a notification on their website about a security incident, In that they confirmed a cyber attack, And highlighted that:

SITA confirms that it was the victim of a cyber-attack, leading to a data security incident involving certain passenger data that was stored on SITA Passenger Service System (US) Inc. servers.

Air India then released a notification to the passengers, confirming the breach by writing

This incident affected around 4,500,000 data subjects in the world.

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Don’t take your cyber security for granted!


Now the question is, Do they really lack in their cyber security assessments? Or the way they operate their cyber security is not up to the mark? What I personally think is cyber incidents can happen any time, You never know who is targeting you, You need to be proactive! Also what if you are already hacked and you don’t know? Right assessments are to be performed! , Also in our personal experience, We found enterprises only relying on tools to figure out the right cyber security for them, Remember a tool with the right security guy is helpful in many situations!

Last thoughts:

I hope we learn lessons from such incidents and iteratively look for a better security posture each time.

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