Redteam Campaign

What are redteams?

There are various types cyber security assessments that can be held in order to enhance the security of a given subject, but when it comes to red teaming things get much more intense, sophisticated and serious. 

Red teamers or red teams are often viewed under a grey shade due to their way of testing and sophistication. When it comes to Redteam Operations, The main purpose of a red team is to stage the attack on a target exactly the way a criminal would do and the scale of target of these operations is much larger than normal pentests. While performing these operation the red team brings a beautiful amalgamation of various aspects of information security to the table.They include Social Engineering, Open Source Intelligence and deep reconnaissance in their bag of tricks when approaching targets.

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Redteam vs Pentesting

  • The operational approach of pentesting often targets-driven, By stating this we mean to say that the approach of conventional pentesting is often narrowed down based on the target (Web App, Mobile App, Networks etc.).
  • In Pentesting we often look for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations that can be used to escalate the situations.
  • The main highlights or the reasons behind red team’s versatile approach to security assessments are the team members.
  • Members of a typical red team will be having solid and deep knowledge as well as skills in particular domains in information security and each of them contribute equally to a red team operation.