Redteam Campaigns

Why redteam campaigns?

The main purpose of a red team is to stage the attack on a target exactly the way a criminal would do and the scale of target of these operations is much larger than normal pentests.

While performing these operation the red team brings an amalgamation of various aspects of information security to the table, they include social engineering, open source intelligence and deep reconnaissance in their bag of tricks while approaching targets.


Redteaming vs Pentesting

  • In Pentesting we often look for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations that can be used to escalate the situations.
  • When an organization goes for a redteam operation, The team is just a normal user plugged in to their network, The teammates then escalate and become a domain admin.

Why your business needs redteam campaings?

Pentesting is good to have but getting a deeper perspective is not enough with pentesting as the scope is limited whereas in redteam campaigns the operators provide a very deep insights into the overall security of an organisation both externally and internally while simulating an adverary.

How does it work?

  1. Completing all the needed documentations.
  2.  Commence redteam engagement.
  3.  Red-teaming magic to become admin in the organisation.
  4. Provide you with a detailed report at the end of the assessment.

Get the most out of your security assessment.