Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT): 2021

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT): 2021



In today’s world, every business is having an online presence, or it is connected to the internet. In today’s world, Cybersecurity is a priority, and businesses should not take it for granted.Threat actors are everywhere and they are always on a watch for loopholes and exploit them before anyone else. They are already aware of general and basic vulnerabilities and will find them in seconds. So before they find those vulnerabilities businesses should find them and resolve them to secure their assets!

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing comes into picture!

What is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing aka VAPT is a process that is utilized to identify different sorts of vulnerabilities in an organization or a program. 

VA (Vulnerability Assessment) It is about finding as many vulnerabilities as possible in a target’s defined scope, and , PT (Penetration Testing) is the process of attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities which were discovered in VA. 

A very crucial step before one goes for a VAPT is choosing the right third party vendor because you don’t need to have the reports filled only with Jquery xss and not really the critical Vulnerabilities, But you have landed to the right place this time.

Why do I go for VAPT?
  • Any business who wants to get their assets checked for vulnerabilities and potential exploitations for them should undergo VAPT.
  • Developers cannot look for security vulnerabilities if they are not skilled at that, Businesses need a third party company for that.
  • Any application before production release should go for a VAPT.
  • VAPT reports are helpful in case of a full Threat Hunting.
Why choose Bluefire Redteam?
  • Our process for the entire VAPT cycle is very streamlined and it has various layers to it that we won’t miss a vulnerability.
  • Our associates not only focus only on the red areas but we also cover the areas where most businesses fall vulnerable.
  • Our research oriented team is well capable in hunting that in 9/10 instances we discover >= CVSS 8.5 Vulnerabilities more!
  • As our process is well defined and tested almost in every engagement, We are much cost-effective!
  • We deliver you detailed reports for your developers as well as for any C-level person in your organisation.
  • Our consultants will be there for you anytime for helping you in taking the right further steps.
Why is VAPT important and what are its Pros?
  • Most importantly to keep the data secure.
  • To keep secure the monetary and data while moving it between the networks.
  • It will help you to understand the vulnerabilities which can be the baby step of a major cyberattack.
  • Protects your business from data loss and unauthorised access
  • To discover loopholes inside the framework.
  • To execute an effective security policy in the company.
  • It will help you in shielding your information from outside and inside threats.
  • VAPT reports are crucial for Threat Huntings too!
Cost of a VAPT?

Cost of an engagement depends on various factors as, What all web, apps , network ranges you wanted to get tested for and much more, But getting a VAPT by spending some money is better than spending millions of dollars after a breach!

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What is Cyber Security?

What is Cyber Security?


What is cybersecurity

After the introduction of the internet to the people and from a simple computer worm to fileless malware, ransomware, and Nation or state-sponsored cyberattacks, everything is changed. When Internet users started facing this type of cyber threat, Cybersecurity came to light. By applying technologies, processes, collective methods and skilled people to protect all those devices which are connected to the internet and to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and networks.

In today’s world, the fastest thing growing is technology. Technology is a power that can be used in both ways; Good or Bad. Technology comes with its loopholes, and that is one such promising reason why cybersecurity is crucial! Various sectors like finance, government, military, Healthcare, Education, or any business you can imagine is over the Internet or in some way connected to the internet. Every business requires data for its work and has to use it to provide the services. The data can be anything like its customer or user data, contact information, payment gateway information, medical or health-related information, social media links, personal identity, information regarding devices, and a lot more. To keep it secure, cybersecurity is applied as it is highly sensitive information and of great value to cyber criminals.

Why is it important?
  • The costs of breaches, cyber-attacks are tremendously huge for companies, So an iterative security check can help in mitigations, Which certainly means checking existing implementation for betterment.
  • Hackers are always looking for new and sophisticated ways to attack, So a like minded but ethical team of cybersecurity researchers can help you understand what is your current state of cybersecurity.
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human errors, Though there is no perfect fix for cybersecurity but training employee trainings for cybersecurity can help mitigate such sophisticated phishing attacks!

Bluefire Redteam Risk Assessments & Employee Training

Our team of skilled researchers are well capable in the following risk assessments , With custom techniques in our arsenal!

Benefits of Cyber Security with Bluefire Redteam?

  • Business protection against cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Protection for data and networks.
  • Prevention of unauthorized user access.
  • Protection for end-users and endpoint devices.
  • Smooth Business continuity.
  • Improved confidence in the company’s reputation and trust for developers, partners, customers, stakeholders, and employees.


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Redteaming vs Penetration Testing

Redteaming vs Penetration Testing


bluefire redteam

There are various types of cyber security assessments that can be done in order to enhance the security of a given subject but when it comes to redteaming, things get much more intense ,sophisticated and serious .

Redteam Operations

While performing these operation the redteam brings an amalgamation of various aspects of information security to the table. They include Social Engineering ,Open Source Intelligence and deep reconnaissance in their arsenal when approaching targets. The reasons behind redteam’s versatililty is the team members . Members of a typical redteam will be having solid and deep knowledge as well as skills in particular domain in information security and each of them contribute equally to a redteam operation.

When an organization goes for a redteam operation, The team is just a normal user plugged in to their network, The teammates then escalate their privileges and perform lateral movements, The path is not simple as the team encounters various defense mechanisms deployed by the organization which they have to bypass.The redteams are very advanced in the way they simulate an adversary, and are very keen while performing anything in to the target network so that they don’t trigger the defenses and also the blue teams. The more customized we are the less chances of detections.

Redteam Operations realises an organization about the way they detect, respond and prevent a sophisticated attack, This gives an insight to them as in where to focus and learn lessons after completion of such operations, Which are being done in a controlled manner by a redteam.

Redteam vs Penetration Testing

Redteamers or redteams are often viewed under a grey shade due to their way of testing and sophistication. Let’s see how it is different from Penetration testing.

  • The operational approach of pentesting is often target-driven , By stating this we mean to say that the approach of conventional pentesting are often narrowed down based on the target (Web App ,Mobile App ,Networks etc) .
  • In pentesting we often look for vulnerablities ,misconfigurations that can be used for further escalations, As part of the pentest.
  • When it comes to Redteam Operations, The main purpose of a redteam is to stage the attack on a target similar to how an APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) would do and the scope of target of these operations are much larger than pentests.
  • Redteams are often hired by scientific facilities , institutes , corporate , government organizations in order to perform these operations.

Who should go for a redteam campaigns?

Request a free consultation for your business

Don’t take your cyber security for granted!

Our Methodology:

  • Before we could start an engagement, The first thing is having the right mindset inorder to approach the client, Which is an adversary’s perspective.
  • We first start by performing reconnaissance, Which is indeed the most important phase even in penetration testing, With this we identify as much information about the target as possible, Employees working in the assets and much much more.
  • We then try and find a specific vulnerability which could give us an initial access to any of their online assets, This is where it has a very thin line between pentesting and redteaming, This can be used for further escalations, We also go for a series of highly sophisticated social engineering attacks, Because the weakest link are the employees working there.
  • After gaining an initial foothold in their network, Maybe by a sales or an HR person’s system, We then maintain persistence and move laterally in the network, thereby escalating our privileges, So that we get to the most privileged asset where they have the most sensitive data present.

Who should go for a redteam campaigns?

  • Redteam Operation are not only limited to gaining access to sensitive data but also gaining physical access to places in the premises where only authorized persons are allowed, Therefore any organization who is also willing to get their physical security tested along with their present cybersecurity posture tested, Can also go for a redteam campaign.
  • Redteam campaigns are not only for IT companies, It can be performed in organizations/companies with mature security implementations already done, Also a completed Penetration testing which could give an insight about an existing security posture.
  • Having a right security budget and defined scopes are also very crucial, Generally redteams have a broader scope.
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