About Us

Welcome To Bluefire Redteam

Who we are?

Bluefire redteam, established in the year 2020 by two cybersecurity consultants, decided to come together to live their dreams in digital world with a vision to bring the digital revolution in cybersecurity.

Our Values

Having a client-centric view to consistently provide assistance and build better customer relationships

Our Mission

To identify the attack surface and provide the best security solutions to our clients

Our Vision

To revolutionise the cyber world by making people understand the importance of cybersecurity

What we do?

  • With years of research and development, We have developed our methodology to provide an offensive security search throughout our clientele to identify potential loopholes in our clients’ cybersecurity

  • We map the organisation’s attack surfaces and cover every corner to secure them from potential damage

  • We comprehend the human component of the business and deliver the best results.


Meet the founders

We bring talented people on board who share our same vision and passion for revolutionising the cyberspace. Our consulting teams and cybersecurity engineers are certified with top industry certifications.

Ashish Jha

Co Founder & Redteamer

Jay Dabhi

Co Founder & Security researcher

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