Bluefire Redteam LLP

Bluefire - Redteam LLP

Individual cyber security professionals,
Now a team!

About Us

Bluefire Redteam LLP, we are a red team company based in India, We have got fantastic team of cyber security researchers who are willing to secure the huge Indian cyber space, Our pro service is Cyber Intelligence!


What We Do.

We have the top notch cyber security services for your well established company , Non-profit organisation, Or a startup!

Custom Redteam Campaigns

The base of our company is to simulate you about your organisation's attack vectors, We'll give a report for the threats online and offline for your company in order to safegaurd your recent implementations for the best! We have personalized redteaming campanigns for your company, For more information contact us!Read More

Cyber Security Consultation

Over the years of research our team came across many companies in India, Though they have proper setups, They lack in consultation for betterment, It's always good to upgrade yourself for the good and security, We provide the best in class consultation support, We just need your company infrastructure design and your team to upgrade for the best security implementation!

Privacy Check And Cyber Awareness

We know you like capturing photos and videos a lot, But the truth not much people are aware of privacy check which directly points to non cyber awareness, We have our custom built program for privacy check and cyber awareness and ebooks to follow along!

Network security and vulnerability assessments

We as a red team constantly keep an eye on the latest attack vector and threats to a company or organisation's network, which makes them open for persistence even after deploying hardended firewalls and antiviruses! They can all be bypassed , All these devices need constant tunning according to needs and increase the flexibility, We provide the support for your networking infrastructure security by comprehensive penetration tests and security audits for betterment!

General and sophisticated employee training and workshops.

The most common attacks include social engineering and almost anyone could be a victim of social engineering and allow an attacker to gain access to an entire company network, But one who is aware of this attack could never be a victim of such attack! and we arrange workshops on request in your environment with practical scenarios and eye opening threat vectors for nullify such attack in your company in future!

Cyber intelligence (PRO SERVICE).

We use our expertise and skills to to learn, understand, and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason in Cyber world to tackle any cyber threat. We do deep research and use different methods like OSINT, Socmint, Humint to dive in roots of cyber threat to clarify it.